Dive into the history of June 6, 1944

Visit the major landing sites on board a group or private shuttle.

Our services: Tourist guide, shuttle, VIP service, motorhome rentals.

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Find your D-Day tour

N.C.S. offers you a range of half-day and full-day tours. On board of comfortable vehicles, our driver-guides will lead you to the main sites that made the history of the Normandy landings.

Our other services

Motorhome D-Day tours

Discover the major D-Day sites in one of our motorhomes on our 5-day tour.

Private transportation: Officials and VIPs

NCS is accredited in the transport of personalities and officials. We serve all airports with cars or luxury vans.

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Paris Shuttle

Our private shuttle service from Caen (30km around) will take you to Paris : city center, airports or train stations.